Searching for the Mind

Jon Lieff, M.D. has been publishing a beautiful, informative, and fascinating blog, Searching for the Mind. It’s an emerging view of Mind as an integral aspect of nature.  Now he is offering Searching for the Mind Daily.

Jon offers evidence for mind not only in humans, but in other animals, in plants and cells, down to microbes and viruses, and up to evolution of life  and the cosmos.

Take, for example, his posts, Where is Mind in Nature?Intelligent Cells Know Their Place, and The Very Intelligent Protein mTOR. Is there any doubt where mind is?

Wherever one looks, acts—in-formed and in-forming, intentional, and purposeful actions—are manifestation of intelligence, of Mind.The actors may be conscious and unconscious entities; self-, other-, and context-aware, or not. Their acts grow and decline, individuate and involve, assimilate and accommodate, rise and fall, merge, entrain, evolve, regenerate, decline, and die. They may be deliberate or instinctive; resonant or dissonant; and, all too often, seemingly inexplicable and, consequently, erroneously deemed random, mere mechanisms ruled by Natural law and pure chance.



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  1. Yale Landsberg

    Btw, Tom…

    Per your,

    I would caution the reader to adhere to a maxim once issued by Warren McCulloch: “Do not bite my finger; look where I am pointing.”
    – Karl Pribram

    fwiw, my mentor is a world-class retired cognitive scientist, neuro-anatomist, psychiatrist, medical school chair, who was a close colleague of Professor Pribram. Indeed, my mentor thinks that my triune nature of wholeness and one paradigm is very much in accord with the dual-aspect monism views of Pribram and Bohm.

    1. Tom Post author

      Thanks for contributing this information. For personal reasons I have neglected this website, but I guess it’s time to get back to it.


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