Trinity & Gnosticism

In researching for an appropriate title for this blog, I came upon a source which enlightens, further, the origins of the Christian Trinity and offer some interesting perspective on the nature of secular knowledge or knowing.


The source is the website, Nabion – The House of the Prophets of (Modern) Israel, “a Nazarene Jewish site containing modern prophecy and bible prophecy, plus articles to help the Jew reform Christianity.”


“It is unlikely that the concept of Trinity would have fully developed had some Gnostic groups not made a point of the triune cosmic order and that Jesus was the embodiment of one essence of this that came in the flesh, which then led orthodox leaders to cannibalize the concept and make it more Christian. It was this counter-rationalizing Gnosticism where some definite Gnostic logic got embedded into Christianity.”

. . . .

“Rationalism was Gnosticism’s mistake, and this supplication to universal wisdom called Logos was rightly condemned by the Church as “knowledge falsely so called.” This “knowledge” was nothing more than self-invented allegory and metaphor aimed at creating an esoteric, “spiritual” reality of deeper truths. Since it came largely from the Greeks, it was tainted with contemporaneous Greek pagan and philosophical outlooks.”


“Trinity is the only Gnostic concept to have ever remained and taken root in mainstream Christian thinking. The word does not exist in the accepted books of the current New Testament. It is something alluded to in concept by the reiteration of the 2nd and 3rd century AD Catholic formula: ‘Father, Son and Holy Ghost.'”

 → Origins of Noetic Triune

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